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Defending Boyhood

How Building Forts, Reading Stories, Playing Ball, and Praying to God Can Change the World
 By: Anthony Esolen

What makes boys and girls different? In society that says, "What do you mean? They're essentially the same!" It's nice to hear a different voice. Anthoney defends boyhood. He speaks of the need for boys to play and even rough house. He looks back to what it was for a boy to become a man some, what are the rites of passage, what were the trials, how had their bodies changed. It's a good book especially for fathers and mothers looking to raise boys up to become real men. There probably should be a trigger warning for all feminist but then again, I like it the way it is.   

Live Not by Lies
A Manual for Christian Dissidents
 By: Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher discusses the differences between Christianity and Marxism. Our modern age is built on the myth of progress. We are perpetually moveing to a more utopian society. This myth is their justification for the elimation of all opposing ideas. A good society will provide people with enough money to and material gooods to do what they want. But the good life isn't about doing whatever we want. The good life is about having something greater than life itself, something worth dying for. If you want to get fired up about the soft totalitarianism of our current society... if you want ideas about how you can take a stand, read this book. Following in the footsteps of Christ is not the easy road that avoids suffering but it is worth it. 

The Book of Concord