Our Pastor

My name is Josh Hanson and I am the pastor at Christ Lutheran Church. Every week I have the opportunity to share God's Word with his people and encourage everyone I can with the Gospel. 

I'm not sure I would be considered a "normal" pastor. It's hard for me to sit behind a desk. I never even thought I would be a pastor - in fact I studied to be an engineer and spent 10 years as a finish carpenter/cabinet maker. It was only after I was encouraged to give the ministry a try that I thought, "Ok, God, let's see how you're going to use me." I spent four years doing pre-seminary training.  Then I took a year off to work as a missionary assistant in Dourados, Brazil. After four more years of study at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary I was sent to pastor Grace Lutheran Church in Casa Grande, Arizona. I served there for four years before accepting the call to Lodi. Through all of these experiences I have seen God work faith and strength in His people through His Word, and that is the best part of being a pastor. Because no matter how "normal" I am - or not - God can and will always work through His Word to care for his believers.

When I'm not sitting behind a desk, you can find me in the garage, in the garden, or spending time with my wife, Angela, and our four kids.

God be with you,
Pastor Josh Hanson