My Jesus Loves Me Time
When you become a parent, you do everything you can to provide for your children.  You love them, feed them, clothe them, keep them safe, play with them, read with them, and provide them with an education.  But what about their spiritual needs?  How do you teach them about God and his love for them?  And what about your spiritual needs?  Do you have support in your journey as a parent and as a child of God?

My Jesus Loves Me Time is here for you!  My Jesus Loves Me Time is an all-inclusive Bible curriculum for preschoolers and early elementary students that will teach your children that God loves them, that He is always with them, and that He saves them through Jesus. The curriculum includes weekly Bible lessons via Zoom, story and coloring sheets, crafts, songs, suggestions for movement activities, and Scripture memorization.  My Jesus Loves Me Time is for parents, too!  Join the My Jesus Love Me Time parent group through our church Facebook page to receive scriptural encouragement, teaching helps, spiritual support, and access to other online resources that support the curriculum.  

Physical curriculum materials are available as an activity kit every two weeks on a first come, first served basis outside the church entrance.  Each kit includes materials and instructions for two weeks worth of lessons.  The schedule for Fall 2020 is:

September 14 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #1 and 2
          September 15 -- Virtual Lesson #1:  Six Great Days
          September 22 -- Virtual Lesson #2:  After the Fall
September 28 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #3 and 4
          September 29 -- Virtual Lesson #3: Jacob's Lie
          October 6 -- Virtual Lesson #4:  Jacob's Ladder
October 12 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #5 and 6
          October 13 -- Virtual Lesson #5:  Crossing the Red Sea
          October 20 -- Virtual Lesson #6:  Traveling in the Desert
October 26 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #7 and 8
          October 27 -- Virtual Lesson #7:  God's Battle Plan for Gideon
          November 3 -- Virtual Lesson #8: David, the Singing Shepherd
November 9 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #9 and 10
          November 10 -- Virtual Lesson #9: Elijah's Ups and Downs
          November 17 -- Virtual Lesson #10:  Naaman, Listen to God's Messenger
November 23 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #11 and 12
          November 24 -- Virtual Lesson #11: Jonah, Tell God's Message
          December 1 -- Virtual Lesson #12:  Three Men Stay Standing
December 7 -- Pick-up kit for lessons # 13 and 14
         December 8 -- Virtual Lesson #13: Angels and Shepherds Praise
         December 15 -- Virtual Lesson #14: Simeon and Anna Meet Baby Jesus

The link for the Zoom room virtual story time will be included in the kit instructions and posted weekly in the My Jesus Loves Me Time Parent Group on Facebook.  To join the group, visit our church Facebook page and send us a message to request an invitation.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us through the church Facebook page, email, or call either 209.368.6250 (church office) or 209.642.8414 (Ms. Angela).

God bless you as you bring His Word to your children!
-- Pastor Hanson, Ms. Angela, and the church family in Christ, Lodi