My Jesus Loves Me Time
When you become a parent, you do everything you can to provide for your children.  You love them, feed them, clothe them, keep them safe, play with them, read with them, and provide them with an education.  But what about their spiritual needs?  How do you teach them about God and his love for them?  And what about your spiritual needs?  Do you have support in your journey as a parent and as a child of God?

My Jesus Loves Me Time is here for you!  My Jesus Loves Me Time is an all-inclusive Bible curriculum for preschoolers and early elementary students that will teach your children that God loves them, that He is always with them, and that He saves them through Jesus. The curriculum includes weekly Bible lessons via Zoom, story and coloring sheets, crafts, songs, suggestions for movement activities, and Scripture memorization.  My Jesus Loves Me Time is for parents, too!  Join the My Jesus Love Me Time parent group through our church Facebook page to receive scriptural encouragement, teaching helps, spiritual support, and access to other online resources that support the curriculum.  

Physical curriculum materials are available as an activity kit every two weeks on a first come, first served basis outside the church entrance.  Each kit includes materials and instructions for two weeks worth of lessons.  The schedule for Winter + Spring 2021 is:

January 14 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #16 and #17
         January 15 -- Virtual Lesson #16:  Jesus Welcomes Children
          January 22 -- Virtual Lesson #17:  Jesus Heals Ten Sick Men
January 28 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #18 and #19
          January 29 -- Virtual Lesson #18: Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus
          February 5-- Virtual Lesson #19:  Two Men Pray
February 11 -- Pick-up kit for lesson #20
          February 12 -- Virtual Lesson #20:  The Good Samaritan
February 25 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #21 and #22
          February 26 -- Virtual Lesson #21:  Jairus's Daughter
          March 5 -- Virtual Lesson #22: The Lord's Supper
March 11 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #23 and #24
          March 12 -- Virtual Lesson #23: Jesus on Trial
          March 19 -- Virtual Lesson #24:  Jesus on the Cross
March 25 -- Pick-up kit for lesson #25
         March 26 -- Virtual Lesson #25: Jesus Greets Mary Magdalene at Easter
March 8 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #26 and #27
         April 9 -- Virtual Lesson #26: Thomas Sees the Risen Savior
         April 16 -- Virtual Lesson #27: Philip and the Man from Africa
April 22 -- Pick-up kit for lessons #28 and #29
April 23 -- Virtual Lesson #28: Rhoda and Friends Pray for Peter
          April 30 -- Virtual Lesson #29: God Makes Saul a "New Creation"
May 6 -- Pick-up kit for lesson #30
May 7 -- Virtual Lesson #30: Paul and Silas Sing for Joy in Jail

The link for the Zoom room virtual story time will be included in the kit instructions and posted weekly in the My Jesus Loves Me Time Parent Group on Facebook.  To join the group, visit our church Facebook page and send us a message to request an invitation.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us through the church Facebook page, email, or call either 209.368.6250 (church office) or 209.642.8414 (Ms. Angela).

God bless you as you bring His Word to your children!
-- Pastor Hanson, Ms. Angela, and the church family at ChristLutheran Church, Lodi